Achieved my daily activity goal but haven’t gotten my steps all in yet but will before bed. Great Back workout this morning and will do abs on abs tomorrow late afternoon/early evening. Got my nails done and just looked around Pearls and Curls boutique but didn’t buy anything since i spent enough over the last couple of weeks.



Achieved my daily activity goal and had over 11K steps today. Figured out that i can just screenshot my workouts and post them to snap and Instagram story so no need to print them off unless i still want too. Bought a pair of cute brown leggings thought they were black but that’s OK. Also bought a cute new purse that’s just the right size and it’s leather.


Haven’t achieved my daily activity goal and haven’t reached 10K steps yet. Might not achieve my daily activity goal but will get my steps in. Got some new workouts so will create templates just not sure i want to use body space or the training app Christian uses. If the schedule is correct that was published last night maybe by accident but maybe not then I’ll get into the gym 5 days this week.


Achieved my daily activity goal and had over 10K steps today. Instead of going back to the boutique after my workout i tried on a few cute shirts but only bought 2 this morning. Wore one to church tonight and will wear the other one next Saturday evening for Christmas. Won’t know my work schedule for next week until sometime tomorrow to plan my workouts for the week.