Went all green yesterday and almost there today. Got in a great Legs day part2 and 15min incline treadmill walk this afternoon. Stopped and picked up my Alta HR and am using it now as it wasn’t ready for use when I went to workout. Tomorrow’s workout plan is Chest/Shoulders/Triceps and 15min of post workout cardio. I’m in 2 workweek hustle challenges and am in second in one challenge and third in the other so need to get stepping to win.



Was all green yesterday and should be today but won’t be perfect on my steps per hour since I missed the 11AM hour today.  Got my new workouts yesterday but no cardio on the calendar so might go ahead and schedule the cardio free workout that I created.  I’ve got a 4 day split workout day 1 is Legs part1, day 2 (which I did today) is Back/Biceps, day3 is Legs part2, and day4 is Chest/Shoulders/Triceps. Will get my new Alta HR tomorrow afternoon then get it set up maybe after I go to GNC for apple cider vinegar and lean 25 shakes.


Went all green yesterday and haven’t yet today but might not with the active minutes. Crushed my steps per hour goal again today. Ahead in 1 workweek hustle and in second place in the other.  Tomorrow’s workout plan is day 2 of 4 day split. Moving everything back a day since I had to miss today’s workout. No cardio is on the schedule yet but will do 15min of post workout cardio not sure what yet.  Checked the status of my Alta HR and it’s still in Lenexa KS so should have it by Thursday afternoon at the latest but hoping it’s ready for pick up before I leave town after my workout.


Haven’t gone all green yet but will by bedtime. Almost crushed my steps per hour goal just need one more hour in the 6:00hr.  In the lead of the Workweek hustle but got second in the weekend warrior challenge Friends and Family sale weekend really hurt me in that one.  Got my new stuff on the app calendar a little while ago so will push everything back starting with tomorrow’s workout back a day since I work till after 7PM tomorrow. Still scheduled to get my Alta HR after 6PM on Wednesday so will get it on Thursday after I get off work before my workout.


Another early day blogging since I work 2:30PM-10:30PM again today. Didn’t go all green yesterday and not sure I’ll get it today depending on how busy we are and if I’m on the register or not.  Getting into the gym 4 days this week and sent Johnyee a text this morning letting her know the days I can get in there this week. Might schedule my June workouts again and then if she gets the new ones in the app then I’ll do those instead. Still barely leading the Weekend Warrior challenge with a little over 5 and a half hours to go.


Blogging early since I work 5PM-10:30PM and will be tired when I get home.  No schedule published yet not sure what the hold up is. No new workouts yet but I know that Johnyee has been working on getting them into the app and she’s out of town today getting her phone fixed and taking the kiddos to the zoo after. Can’t make workout plan until I get my new stuff and until I see the new schedule.


Went all green yesterday and am close to it today too. Got in a great Back and 15 min incline treadmill walk this afternoon since I was tired after work. Won’t know my work schedule for next week until sometime tomorrow to plan my workouts for the week. Don’t have anything new yet but Johnyee is working on it and getting them into the app. Decided earlier that I miss the heart rate feature so ordered an Alta HR from Wal-Mart.com and should possible have it by Wednesday or Thursday next week. Checked the electronics department and they didn’t have a display out of the HR so guess they are out of it in store.