Achieved my daily activity goal and have over 10K steps for today. Went and got my new A360 this morning and had it all set up before noon. Got in a great workout this morning and will if I remember test out the workout tracking part during the truck unload.



Been over a week since I’ve updated my blogs and FB page so decided to start that daily again beginning today. Great Leg day workout this morning and tomorrow is Back/Biceps/Abs/Cardio/Booty and hopefully a stop at Walmart to pick up my new A360 activity tracker to get it set up and start using it after my workout.


Achieved my daily activity goal and have over 18K steps for today. Got in my walking during the baseball game since I didn’t make it to the gym today. Will get in my Back/Biceps/Cardio/Booty workout on Friday late morning after work.


Haven’t achieved my daily activity goal yet but will in about 20 min or so and if needed will get more time in to reach 10K steps. Great Legs workout today and will decide if I want to create a new template for my new Back/Biceps/Abs/Cardio/Booty workout the only addition to that workout is 30 sec air squats between exercises.


Achieved my daily activity goal and have over 17K steps for today. Will get into the gym 4 days this week yet again. Some days I have more to say than others. Missed yesterday since I forgot before work and it was late when I got home.


Just achieved my daily activity goal and have almost 20K steps for today. No gym workout today but will get into the gym tomorrow and do a full body workout to close the week. Won’t know until sometime on Saturday my work schedule for next week to plan my workouts.