2 weeks writing here and all total I lost track now. Scale is down 1.2# from yesterday but up 0.2# for the week and down 0.1# for the month. Watching sodium and snacking today to have a loss for the week and month with tomorrow’s weigh in. Clot is getting smaller but still there so later this afternoon I’ll put the heating pad on it. I’ve got 6,017 steps left to get 10K for the day then will think about resting my leg. 22oz of water down and almost another 22oz gone too. Waiting to see what Christian has planned for me with these restrictions I have for a couple weeks.



Clot is getting smaller but still going to use the warm compress on and off all day today and take Ibuprofen for the pain every 4 hours. Scale is up a little for the week and month so need to watch sodium and snacking today and tomorrow to have a loss on Monday morning. Waiting for my work schedule so I can see what I work since normally I would say so I can plan my gym days and times but with this Superficial Thrombophlebitis(blood clot) I’m supposed to take a couple weeks off from the gym or until this goes away whichever comes first. Listening to XM Radio 90’s on 9 and watching MSNBC on TV. 22oz of water gone and working on my second one.


Scale the same this morning as yesterday so same for the week and month as yesterday.  Had warm compress on and off this morning before going to work and will get another one shortly as soon as I get in 10K steps for the day almost there now. Need 980 steps so will get it shortly then can get my iPad and rest my leg. Told Christian about my situation so not sure what kind of upper body and stretching type stuff he will come up with for the time being until I get rid of this clot and can exercise again.


Thought I had a bruise on my leg behind my knee but turns out it’s superficial thrombophlebitis so taking ibuprofen and using a warm compress 2-3 times a day. Going to be taking a couple weeks for it to get better before hitting the gym again.  Just have to be more diligent with my diet since light walking is about all I can do.


Got in a great Legs/Abs workout even though my headphones were going dead halfway through my workout so they are on the charge now. Also decided to put my A300 on the charge as well since I have over 10K steps and have already reached my daily activity goal and actually exceeded it. Used my Starbucks app to mobile order my Iced Coffee this morning. Suzy the lady who has been there forever as soon as I said I was there for a mobile order handed me my drink so I was out the door in no time. Tomorrow I’ll have to stop in and wait for my drink if I get a tea or Iced Coffee since they open at 5:30 and I’ll be on my way into town by then.


Scale is up 0.1# for the week and down 0.3# for the month with this being week 4 of this training month. Burned 409 calories this morning and had the gym to myself for almost the whole time. Put on my headphones and turned on XM radio 90’s on 9 and just rocked out for my workout.  Scale is down though from yesterday but not for the week so going to focus on watching my sweets and salty snacks.