Haven’t achieved my daily activity goal or reached 10K steps yet but will before the end of the night. Wanted to get on here as well as update my FB page before work since I won’t have time later tonight to do so.  Won’t know until sometime in the next few hours my work schedule so I can plan my workouts for the week. Hoping to get into the gym 5 days again this week.



Achieved my daily activity goal and have over 10K steps for today. Will try and get in as much as I can tomorrow before work since I’ll be at the register and we might be so busy I won’t get any laps in. Scale is down 2.1# with tomorrow and Sunday to watch before weigh in on Monday morning.


Doubled my daily activity goal for today and  have just over 10K steps. After a funeral tomorrow morning I plan on getting in a full body workout instead of cardio unless I decide to do both.  Scale is down 0.9# for the week so going to really watch my sodium and snacking to have a nice loss on Monday morning.


Achieved my daily activity goal and have over 14K steps for today so going to get to watch the ball game without having to walk in. Off the next 2 days so will get in Back/Biceps/Abs/Cardio tomorrow then Friday Cardio on Friday morning. Got in a great Leg day workout but my back was hurting a little so took it easy on the abs.


Achieved my daily activity goal and have over 12K steps for today and might try and get a few more later. With an afternoon game in Seattle today I’ll get to see the whole game but maybe not the post game stuff. Got in a great workout this late morning and will do that again tomorrow too get a great workout in after work.


Haven’t achieved my daily activity goal yet but will after about 30 min of walking so will do that soon. Have over 11K steps though for the day. Created my Cardio template before tracking it so now Friday will go easier unless I get some stuff put into the app before I get off work tomorrow morning but if not then will do Chest/Triceps with Cardio Progression but instead of the box will have to use the step aerobics step for my step ups.


Achieved my daily activity goal for today and have over 20K steps. After work tomorrow and before I start my workout I’ll get the template created for Cardio so I can track tomorrow and on Friday since i have everything else already in the app.