Got over 13K steps today and am at 63% of my daily activity goal and not sure if I’m going to try for 100% of my daily activity goal.  I’ve got an hour and a half before bedtime so not sure I’ll even try for 100% today.  Won’t know till tomorrow afternoon sometime my work schedule so i can plan my workouts for next week.



No gym workout today and none tomorrow but will get plenty of lifting unloading the truck and hopefully the furniture person will help lift the heavy stuff.  Shooting to get 10K steps for today but might not get 100% of daily activity on A300. Yesterday I meant that I didn’t think to check in on Facebook at the gym until I was already started with my workout.


Didn’t even realize until I had already started my workout this morning that I didn’t check in at the gym.  Had a great workout this morning but really missed getting on the treadmill to warm up so I got a jump rope and used it for a few minutes to warm up and get my heart rate up.  For my cardio progression on Friday I’ll get a jump rope and use it.

Eager for a new season of Dance Mom’s to start with new dance instructor Cheryl Burke from Dancing With the Stars. Like Abby said so many times “everyone is replaceable” Jill one of the moms said even you Abby even you.


Great Chest/Triceps workout this morning and I almost had the gym to myself but that is OK cause the guys did their own thing and didn’t bother me. Burned 581 calories more than what I had taken in at that point.  Love my Contigo water bottle but it leaks out of the straw to bad so went back to my Bubba water bottle for now to see if it will leak out of the straw tomorrow morning.  Getting ready to go and get my eyebrows done in a few then it will be time for a nap since I have already eaten dinner.


Got my new stuff late last night and decided to create workout templates for them all today just did Cardio before I left this morning then created the other 3 a few minutes ago so they are now done. Excited to start something new and get back into the groove of 3-5 days of workouts. Scale down 0.5# for the week but body fat is up 0.2% for the week.


Didn’t text Daron like planned yesterday but made a Starbuck’s run after we opened this morning. Plan is to do Cardio tomorrow unless I get my new stuff before 9AM. Scale is down 0.5# from last Monday so should be OK for weigh in tomorrow morning.


For the first time this spring I’m watching Fox Sports KC and the Royals game. Sent my check in e-mail to Christian now waiting for a reply back after he’s looked it over and my new stuff. Plan is to get in workouts everyday but Thursday and might later text Daron to see if he’s working in the morning to make our Starbucks run.