No gym workout since I woke up with a slight headache and wanted to keep my dog company this morning before I go to work at 3PM.  Supposed to be in the 70’s today but it’s cold and windy right now. Was up earlier than normal today so might stop for an Iced Coffee with Vanilla at Starbucks before work today. 24oz of water almost done and have 96oz more to go today.


Scale is up 0.2# for the week and down 0.2# for the month. I’m up 0.7# from yesterday but have been working towards a loss for today. 48oz down and 72oz left to go with another 24oz almost gone. 2 24oz bottles down with bottle number 3 almost gone then another 2 24oz bottles left to go tonight.  Got in a great Back/Biceps/Shoulders workout this morning and plan on an awesome Friday Cardio workout tomorrow morning before work at 3PM.


Weight is still down 0.3# for the week and still down 0.7# for the month. Great Legs/Abs workout this afternoon then went and had my labs redone since my white counts were a bit low 2 weeks ago. Wanted iced green tea this morning but Starbucks was out so had a vanilla iced coffee with nonfat milk. 


Day 69 of writing on a  daily basis but day 3 of writing on here. Got in a fabulous Chest workout today and tomorrow I plan on getting in an awesome Legs/Abs workout. Scale is down 0.3# for the week and down 0.7# for the month so far. I was 139.1# this morning on the scale and hope to be lower tomorrow. Got my Visa gift card loaded on my Starbucks app so I can preorder and pay in the morning for my drink and Daron’s to pick up before work.

February goals

I decided to create some goals for each month kinda like we did last year for TOPS. So for feb my goals are to have a better loss for this training month. To do that I need to be more mindful of my snacking and get in 4-5 workouts per week. My weight is 139.4# and I’d like to be 137 or lower by the first weigh in of March.


Day 68 of writing all together and day 2 of writing here. Scale down 0.3# for the week and down 0.4# for the month. Got in a great Cardio workout this morning and burned over 500 calories.  Think I’m going to like this better than blogger from Google. At least here I can write from my phone or Ipad where the app for blogger crashed on both devices last night. I think doing Cardio at the gym I don’t drink as much water as I do when I have my lifting workouts. It’s so nice to not have to just sip water after about 2PM and weigh in tonight on the TOPS scale. I weigh in the morning’s and then post to my TOPS groups after I send my e-mail to Christian.


This is the post excerpt.

All total day 67 of writing but day 1 here since my blogspot.com app keeps on crashing on my phone and Ipad so decided to find something different after I had to turn my computer on since I forgot to write before I shut it down for the night. Plan for this week is to get in all 5 days of workouts it will feel good to get it in on Tuesday before work and also on Friday before I go to work. Got the app on my Ipad for here and will get it on my phone too so if I forget to write I can do it without my computer.